Michael Jackson’s Father, 89-Year-Old Joe Jackson Stepped Out On The Red Carpet With A New Pretty Young Thing On His Arm!! (She’s Only 25!)

The Sun

Jackson’s grandfather, Israel Nero Jackson, was a slave, and his father, Samuel Jackson was a schoolteacher in Fountain Hill, Arkansas. His father was apparently very strict and passed along that trait to his oldest son.


Jackson would have described himself as a lonely child with few friends. His parents separated when he was 12 and, while his siblings moved with his mother to Chicago, he moved with his father to Oakland, CA. Click Next to learn more and see his date to the recent awards ceremony!

USA Today

Jackson’s father remarried and the 18 year old Joe moved to Chicago to be with the rest of his family. He never finished high school – he started working for a steel company in East Chicago.


He had dreams of his own of becoming a boxer, but, as so often happens, he met a girl who changed his game. Jackson met Katherine Scruse – now, this is a little messier than it sounds, so, let’s back up.