Janet Jackson and Her Baby Boy Issa Were Spotted On A Disneyland Play Date With Ciara And Russell Wilson’s Son Future!! (We’ve Got Pics and They Are TOO Cute!)

Daily Mail

We should not be surprised that singers Ciara and Janet Jackson are friends. Really, who better would understand each other’s hectic schedules, dealing with the paparazzi, and the pressures of fame?

Daily Mail

But we are always happy to see strong women who stick together and support each other. Sisterhood is important, and strong friendships between women are what make life so much sweeter. And these friendships also provide a great model for children–they see women supporting and caring for each other, and they learn to do the same.

Dani Brubaker/Harper’s Bazaar

And we love to see it when we see strong women who are raising sons–you know those boys are going to grow up respecting women and respecting the hard work that their mothers did. We have heard that Ciara and Janet have been close friends for a good while. But apparently motherhood has helped them bond even more. Click next to read more about Ciara and Janet Jackson’s friendship.

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Ciara’s appreciation for Janet’s career is well known. Back in 2015, Ciara, Jason Derulo, and Tinashe gave an epic dance tribute to “Rhythm Nation” in honor of Janet. That night, Janet received the well deserved Ultimate Icon award. This helped her kick off a return to the world of music after an absence.