Janet Jackson Had A “Life Defining Revelation” Last Night On Stage In Houston and Totally Broke Down In Tears (Video)


True artists dig into the heart of their own experiences to create something powerful – that’s why people will hear a song and need to play it over and over again. Art reflects life and we have all been there, not word for word, but, feeling for feeling.

The Nation

Janet Jackson has returned to the stage and her performance was just what fans hoped to see. She gave them high energy, raunchy dancing, fantastic music – but, after what has likely been one of the most difficult and confused stages of her life, they saw just a bit more of Jackson than ever before.


Jackson wanted specifically to go to Houston to not only inspire but to join in the relief effort which brought the city to its knees following Hurricane Harvey. She surprised everyone with a visit to George R. Brown Convention Center where nearly 1,600 evacuees were resting as well as a deeply emotional moment in her concert.


As many of you already know, Jackson is in the midst of a bitter divorce with Wissam Al Mana. They continue to battle for custody of their son, Eissa, who is only 9 months old — click next to find out what happened!