Jay-Z And Beyonce Celebrate Hov’s 48th Birthday With These Epic Elevator Photo Pics 3 Years After The Infamous Solange Beat Down (Exclusive Elevator Birthday Pics!)

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Falling in love is one of the best things there is; however, we all come with more than just ourselves to a relationship and not everyone we know is interested in taking the fall with us. When you have someone special in your life, your other special people may need time to see what you see.


It’s been three years since the elevator ride with Beyonce, Jay Z, and Beyonce’s sister Solange made headlines. Do you remember when the press shared the video of Solange getting physical with Jay Z?


The incident took place in an elevator at the Standard Hotel in May 2014 following the Met Gala. Can you imagine what Jay Z must have been thinking (maybe something along the lines of “What have I gotten myself into)?


Beyonce put herself between her sister and her husband – a place no one should be asked to stand. Click on through to see how the family has been getting by since that particularly public family squabble.