Jay-Z Is Buying His Love Child’s Silence To Save His Billon-Dollar Marriage To Beyonce

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Jay-Z is allegedly coughing up big bucks to keep a love child silent according to Radar Online! This is part of a drawn out scandal that originated last year.

The lawsuit which alleged, “fraud and corruption” was filed last November with a court date that was set for March 24th. This lawsuit is just another instance in a long battle for the 24 year old supposed love child, Rymir Satterthwaite.

The 24 year old started his legal battles with Jay-Z back in 2010 and Jay-Z’s team of lawyers in the process have been very crafty in dodging the DNA tests requested. The most recent lawsuit has accused Jay-Z of owning land in New Jersey just to avoid having to take the DNA test.

Rymir is claiming that Jay-Z impregnated his mom Wanda back in 1992. Hello Ghost from the past!!