Jose Raymond On Building Mass For Your Lagging Chest


As the days and weeks tick by, many are hitting the gym to start preparing for the summer weather. For guys, a nice full chest is sure to get the attention of various on-lookers, no matter where you are out strutting your shirtless-self.


For tips on how to make gains in your chest, we turn to one who knows a thing or two about building a full chest. IFBB Pro Jose Raymond has spent years sculpting his massive physique and has a few pointers for those looking to make some improvements before you go walking up and down the beach this summer.


Incline dumbbell press is Jose’s first stop. Incline press is a good choice for building up the often lacking upper-chest. Even for a pro like Jose, it’s important to recognize one’s weak areas and then hit them hard with everything you have. Jose suggests focusing your upward momentum and really squeezing your chest at the top of the movement, but not locking your elbows out.