Justin Timberlake’s Botched Halftime Show Was Disaster And Fans Are Giving Him An Online Bashing

Instagram: carascolombia / aprilstanfordmusic

Justin Timberlake has received mixed reviews on his Super Bowl performance from last night’s game! It ranges from celebrity friends gushing over how well he did to tweet trolls tearing him apart for the sake of a meme!

It starts with mic problems! During Justin’s hit song “I Got This Feeling” the common consensus was that Justin was hardly heard over his backup singers either sounding muted or completely silent. It’s okay, the fans helped out with the words!

Justin ran through the crowds and singled out a boy in the audience to put his arm over. It was heartwarming for sure, but you know what social media land is doing? Yes, that’s right! Making it viral with meme’s galore!

On top of mic problems, Justin had some controversy with Prince fans. While some didn’t mind, Prince’s ex and brother had qualms over JT’s desire to project a hologram of Prince in tribute to the artist.