Juvenile Was Arrested For $150,000 In Back Child Support — On Father’s Day Weekend, As He Walked Off Stage

Hip-Hop DX / (mugshot) TMZ

“Back That Azz Up” rapper Juvenile was arrested directly after a New Orleans concert Friday night for owing a reported $150,000 in back child-support. In May a judge ruled that Juvenile either had to pay up and go to jail. Looks like he didn’t pay up.

New York Daily News

$150,000 is a lot to owe and court records suggest that this battle for Juvenile to support the child he helped create goes back as far as 2012-2013. He owed a total of $170,000, of which he only paid $20,000 back in April.


Juvenile and Dionne Williams have a teenage son together and this isn’t the first time Williams had to force Juvenile to pay. Back in 2012, he racked up a similar amount in child support debt; $160,000 and that time he faced 90 days in jail- compared to this time’s 30.