The Kardashian Kurse: 10 Men Who’s Lives Have Been Ruined By Kardashians

Vanity Fair / (insets) TMZ

The Kardashian Kurse is a conspiracy theory that fans and foes of the famous family love to speculate on. While correlation does not exactly prove causation, there is certainly some overwhelming evidence in favor of the fact that dating a Kardashian will ruin your life. Here are 10 of the best examples.


1. Kanye West
Kim’s current husband fawned over the buxom beauty for many years during their friendship, even citing himself that he carried a torch for the middle Kardashian sister. He even once photoshopped himself into their Christmas card! Kanye’s had many struggles with erratic behavior, but he went from being heralded as one of hip-hop’s living geniuses to Mr. Kardashian-West.

2. Tyga
Kylie Jenner isn’t technically a Kardashian, but judging from the fact that Tyga was her first serious relationship and he’s been on the struggle bus ever since, she definitely carries The Kurse. Tyga has gone bankrupt, got evicted from his home, AND got called a “little bitch” on Snapchat by his ex Blac Chyna.