Rapper Legend Nas’ Ex Wife Kelis Is Now Demanding Even More Child Support (Is $96K A Year Not Enough?)

IG: yoyo_1975

Kelis is wondering where the Benjamins are! She is demanding more child support from Nas!

TMZ just reported that Kelis is just filed some more legal documents that claim the initial 8k a month payments are not enough anymore! She is claiming that their 8 year old son, Knight, has needs now that he didn’t have 5 years ago which makes the request for child support higher. Those must be some pretty swanky needs!

In the documents she has not been specific as to how much she wants in addition but whatever is given she wants “50% of school-related costs, 50% of any child care Kelis needs, and 50% of unreimbursed health care” according to TMZ. The judge has yet to rule on the matter.

Kelis is wasting no evidence as she is claiming that Nas is doing way better in his career now than 5 years ago so he has more than enough to cough up some extra “child” support.