Keri Hilson Said Her Battle With Depression Caused Her To Take A Musical Hiatus (But Beyonce Had Something To Do With It, Too)

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But then around two years later in 2011, her life started to take a turn for the worse. After a breakup of an 11-year relationship, and some “personal and professional mistakes,” Hilson hit what she calls “rock bottom.”

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But it wasn’t the end of her longterm relationship that tanked her career (although, it didn’t help), it was the Beyhive. Even though Hilson was becoming something of a superstar herself, that wasn’t enough and she went after Beyonce as she was on the come up.

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And that’s all it took for they fiercely rabid Beyhive and their herd-like mentality to go for Hilson’s jugular, and not let go until she stopped breathing. What happened between Hilson and Beyonce? Well, it was two things that got Hilson in hot water…