Kevin Hart And Fergie Go Head-To-Head For The Honors Of Worst NBA All-Star Game Performance Of The Year

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The NBA All-Stars Game was in for a laughable treat last night! If you have not caught wind of Kevin Hart’s pregame routine or Fergie’s rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner, well then pull up a chair!

To start with Kevin Hart had everyone wishing for that the game would start sooner, like soon enough to cut his routine short. He somehow managed to recruit artists including Jamie Foxx, Queen Latifah, Ludacris and, er, Adam Devine, to pull off a very awkwardly corny montage of what it takes to become a NBA All Star. *SMH*

The skit was rough to sit through with Hart finally deciding that he didn’t have the skill to be an All Star player, but he did have the skills to be an “all-star” comedian. *slaps forehead* What makes you squirm in your seat more is that he attempted to roast each NBA player only to have it turn out less than chuckle worthy.

This comes after Kevin Hart made quite a spectacle of himself post Super Bowl when in an inebriated state he proceed to drop F-Bombs on national TV as well as try to steal the trophy and stage from the Eagles. Poor Kevin, not striking gold lately!