It Looks Like Keyshia Cole Is Dating A Baby-Faced Fan She Met On IG and He’s Only 22! (We’ve Got Receipts and Pics)

IG: keyshiacole

Oooh, this is never a good move. An established artist — a mature established artist who should know better – should never date a fan. It’s the sure sign of desperation and lack of an upward career trajectory. I mean, just take a look at the once great Prince.

IG: violetesq

Prince tapped the top one percent of women at the time: peak Kim Basinger, Madonna, Sheena Easton, Vanity – all established entertainers in some way before they met Prince. Then he stated dating fans and it was over. (He even married a crazy fan from the message boards.)

IG: keyshiacole

So for Keyshia Cole, an established 36-year-old singer with multiple number one singles, and Grammy nominations, it’s concerning to hear that she’s dating some “aspiring rapper” on Instagram, who as far as we all know, is a fan. So who’s the guy?