Khloe Kardashian Seen For First Time With Newborn Baby True, And Her Butt Is THICK! (Pics)

Twitter: @itsohsokhloe / @SincerelyNoelle

Khloe Kardashian gave birth to daughter True less than a month ago, and this past weekend, she was seen out with her bundle of joy for the first time on Sunday, as she took the little one for a stroll through a Cleveland, Ohio park.

Pushing True in a stroller, Khloe, 33, showed off her post-baby figure as she slipped into a pair of tight yoga leggings which made the most of her bountiful curves, but here’s what we want to know: was her ass always that disproportionally huge? That thing looks unhealthy!

We get that some men are into huge butts, heaven knows the Kardashian girls made it the “in” accessory for young women all over America, but we’re a little concerned for Khloe. That big rear can’t be easy to carry around everywhere.