Khloe Kardashian Is Terrified Lamar Odom Will Die Soon After Hearing He Passed Out In The Club And Then Is Spotted At The Liquor Store The Next Day!

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No matter how much you help or how much you care, you cannot control the actions of others. Lamar Odom has had a tough road the past few years, but, it’s his to walk and he might continue to stumble along the way.


Are you the sort of person who helps your friends all the time? The kind who gives and gives – even to your own detriment?

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The world goes round for people like that – the givers and helpers – but, are you prepared to protect yourself when the people you’ve helped cannot accept your gifts? Click next to see what has possibly happened to Lamar Odom.


Over the weekend, Odom allegedly collapsed at a party – which wouldn’t be a huge deal were it not for his history with substance abuse. He was in LA with friends who saw the whole thing…