Kim Kardashian Bares Vagina To Promote New Perfume — Everything’s Shaved, But Is She Covering For Kanye?)

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Kim Kardashian just took a page out of Amber Rose’s playbook by pushing the boundries of Instagram by posting an almost completely exposed shot of her crotch. There’s one major difference that Kardashian omitted that Rose utilized: pubic hair.

Kim posted a very revealing photo Tuesday (April 24) of her lower half. The photo wasn’t of her ass though, as it usually is. This time, Kim gave her 59.8 million Twitter followers an intimate close-up view of her entire bikini, and the starting route down to her vagina.

Work in progress @kkwfragrance

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She was advertising her new fragrance line, obviously. She’s also been posting photos of her covered nude in clay the day her body had a mold made out of is for her perfume bottle.