Kim Kardashian Had A Star Studded Celebrity Filled Baby Shower For Baby #3 And It Was Epic! (Exclusive Guest Photos)


Another day, another story about the Kardashians. We would be snarkier, but you have to admire this family’s ability to keep itself in the news. That said, we are def suffering from Kardashian fatigue, and have been for years.

Daily Mail

By now, you have heard that Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West are expecting their third baby. Kim had a lot of issues with her past pregnancies, which complicated the decision to expand the Kardashian–West family.

Entertainment Tonight

So, when Kim and her famous rapper husband decided to have another kid, they opted to use a surrogate to carry the pregnancy to term. Click next to read more about Kim, Kanye, and baby number 3.

Huffington Post

Kim’s last pregnancy was plagued by a myriad of health issues. We understand why she would be reluctant to have more kids and suffer through that again. But Kim and Kanye apparently did not think that their family was complete with only two kids.