Kim Kardashian Wore Black Face (Again) In A New Make-Up Ad And Black Twitter Dragged Her Hard

Twitter / Bravo

Kim Kardashian is back in trouble with black twitter after she released an ad with her skin looking noticeably a few shades darker than it normally is. The social justice kings and queens of black twitter are calling this “blackface.” KK’s gettin’ dragged.

Radar Online

Blackface is whenever someone who isn’t black uses makeup to play a black character or role. And it is heavily steeped in racism. The characters played by white people in blackface tend to focus on unflattering racial stereotypes.

Hello Magazine

Blackface was a cultural phenomenon that serves as propaganda to keep black people in a negative light; to dehumanize them. Non-black people should never do this. It’s not funny or entertaining, its hurtful and racist.