Kim Kardashian Wore Black Face (Again) In A New Make-Up Ad And Black Twitter Dragged Her Hard


While the photo/ad of Kim Kardashian isn’t outright blackface, when you look at the bigger picture of the Kardashian’s insensitive appropriation of black culture, without any real consideration or admission of their own privilege, it’s hard to see the ad as anything but extremely problematic.

Daily Mail

She is definitely several shades darker than she is normally. Everything from Kim’s famously purchased physique to her taste in men is embroiled in black culture. Her sister’s Khloe, Kendall, and Kylie are all guilty of the same thing. They want to date black men and appropriate black style and culture, and steal from black fashion designers, but they don’t want to consider their place as a colonialist in that setting and act accordingly.


So black twitter’s not popping off for nothing. Especially after that absurdly bad Pepsi ad that for some reason didn’t ruin Kendall Jenner.