Kim Zolciak And Her Daughter Attack Nene Leakes With Racist Statement And The Beef’s Going From 0-100 Real Quick! (Should Kim Be Fired?)

Bravo / Daily Mail

Everyone has that one coworker who is always trying to start ish. Every single day, that person tries to start something when you are just trying to mind your own business and take care of stuff.

Apparently, even if you’re a reality TV star, you are not exempt from having an ish starting coworker. But imagine having your ish starting coworker doing this in public and on camera? It would be nice to get that nefarious behavior on tape and show everyone the receipts, but ugh all the nonstop drama has got to lead to an ulcer.

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NeNe Leakes and Kim Zolciak have been feuding for ages. Can you remember the last time these two seemed to genuinely get along and like each other? Yeah, us either. But rich women getting along would not make good reality TV. Click next to read more about their latest drama.