Kylie Jenner Is Having a “Meltdown” After The Daddy Travis Scott Ditches Her – Was This Pregnancy A Huge Mistake?

Kylie driving to Kim’s baby shower👶🏼 11/11/17

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Just a month ago, people were under the impression that Kylie and Travis might be engaged! Did you see this Snap of the enormous rock she was showing off while driving to her sister’s baby shower?! (Not that she can’t buy her own rocks, for sure…)


According to the source who spoke to Radar, Kylie is full blown freaking out during this tender phase of her life. The friend was quoted as having said, “Kylie is having a meltdown right now because Travis doesn’t seem to really care about her pregnancy. It is making her completely manic!” Click on through to learn more!

Is it possible there is a cross in the lines of communication here – after all, when you’re trying to get through your first pregnancy and all those hormones are talking to you, reality must start to stretch in weird shapes, right? Do you think this friend is being protective?

The source continued, “She is really starting to wonder if having his baby is a huge mistake because she is hating life right now.” No matter the state of your relationship, it’s always risk, making big choices together…