Kylie Jenner’s BFF is Spilling The Tea On How Kylie Stole Travis Scott From Her And Got Pregnant (The Kardashians Steal Everything!)

IG: pettyfrog / kylie_travis

Hollywood social circles can be quite small. After all, water seeks its own level so if you’re filthy rich and gorgeous, you want friends with the same advantages. But Kylie may be making these already tight circles a little too close for comfort.

2017 was an especially bizarre year for Kylie, who basically grew up on reality TV and therefore has always had a pretty unusual life. Normally proud to show her body off, Kylie seemed quiet and shy on social media for months.

Her reticence coincided with rumors she was pregnant and struggling in her relationship with the child’s father, rapper Travis Scott. Seems perhaps the origins of their romance might explain why they’ve had such a strained relationship.

Despite her personal life’s instability, Kylie’s already stuffed pockets did do very well in 2017. Continuing to ride the success of her pout, Kylie embarked on a series of eponymous cosmetics popups in collaboration with Top Shop.