Kylie Jenner’s BFF is Spilling The Tea On How Kylie Stole Travis Scott From Her And Got Pregnant (The Kardashians Steal Everything!)

Despite that financial success, seems Kylie’s star may be fading despite the best efforts of world class “mom-ager” Kris Kardashian. Although she has a small but devoted fanbase, Kylie lost a lot of mainstream appeal when it was revealed her famous pout wasn’t due to makeup tricks but surgical fillers.

And while pregnancy seems to endear the public to most celebs, it doesn’t seem Kylie’s pregnancy had that effect on her likability. Instead, salacious rumors about Kylie and Travis dominated tabloid gossip. 

In addition to stories about Kylie’s difficult pregnancy and lack of communication with the baby’s father, something else came to light about the youngest Jenner that would give most women pause. After all, they say never trust a woman who sleeps with a taken man.

Seems Kylie has quite the habit of snatching up already taken men. Specifically, Kylie likes to recycle through her friends’ boyfriends!