The Latest ‘Pimple Popping’ Video Went Viral With Over 2 Million People Tuning In (Ewww)

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WHY?! WHY do we find disgusting things like pimple popping sooooooo satisfying? Millions of people are watching a new, pretty doctor take people’s… let’s say “growths…” and remove all the icky, pus-filled gack!


Have you heard of Dr. Pimple Popper? Her name is actually Dr. Sandra Lee and she doesn’t tackle your average acne… well, not on TV anyway…


If you want good tips on skin care, she’s probably got them, but, that’s not what made her one of the most popular doctors on television. She takes on growths the likes of which you have likely never seen…


But, seriously, why do we enjoy watching seriously disgusting things? Why are we so interested and, well, satisfied to see the pus get emptied out of a gigantic zit? Click Next to learn (and see much) more!