Lebron And The Cleveland Cavs Had An Extreme Halloween Costume Contest (And It Got Real Competitive!) Which One Was The Best?!


It’s one thing to have a great idea for a Halloween costume – it’s entirely another to have the resources to really execute the idea with accuracy! If you thought athletes were competitive in the field, you haven’t seen anything yet!


Halloween seemed to bring out the creative and spooky side of some seriously hard-working athletes! We’ll show you the highlights to include the absolute winner of all of 2017 (seriously, his costume might give you nightmares).


Let’s start with the fluffy side – who do you think Kyle Korver would choose to portray on this creepiest of days?! Give up?! Click on through to see his dedication to really making Tim Burton do a double-take!


Jordan Zirm posted this image on his Twitter and we’re thinking exactly what he’s thinking! His caption reads, “ok now wait just one minute did Kyle Korver rent a couple little people to complete his costume?” If you hire actors, you’re dedicated!