LHHNY Star Was On The Jerry Springer Show and Confirmed That She Got “Knocked Up By Her Transexual Roommate!”

Anais isn’t denying that she was on the show once upon a time and long ago, but, apparently, it’s not what you’re thinking! When she went on the show, there was a story line played out for the entertainment of the audience, according to her.

She went on TV with a young man and said that her trans roommate got her pregnant. This was a long time ago, but, now it has implications that were brought to the reality tv star’s attention.

Transgender people have never exactly been accepted, but, the topic is such a hot button issue these days that it’s no wonder that when someone stumbled across this, they brought it up. How did Anais really feel about transgender people if she was willing to go on national tv with this story?

She had an explanation for all of this and she shared her views on Instagram. Click next to hear more about what she had to say for this appearance…