LiAngelo Ball And His UCLA Teammates That Were Caught Shoplifting In China Are Back Home In The US And Trump Says They Have Him To Thank

TMZ / Time

Confucius say “He who steals glasses of sun risks his bum in jail.” The saying is true for 3 very lucky UCLA players. Liangelo Ball and his buddies, Jalen Hill and Cody Riley had a healthy dose of humble pie these past few weeks after attempting to steal some sunnies in China.


The three had attempted to steal some Luis Vutton sunglasses in Hangzhou last week. After the three were arrested they were contained at the Hyatt Hangzhou while they had some of the top most powerful figures in the world discussing their release.

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President Trump talked with President XI and Jack Ma working for a compromise to release the 3 UCLA basketball players. Boy, now if you just didn’t feel outright ashamed, then we don’t know who raised ya!

Fox News

While we have talks of nuclear threats and all sorts of craziness, we can rest assured that President Trump at least protects UCLA players from 10 years in Chinese prison. Chinese officials dropped the charges on Tuesday and allowed the three to return home.