The Location of Acne On Your Body Could Explain WHY You Break Out

Acne is such a distressing condition. Sure, it’s just a skin issue, but it can ruin the confidence of a person, especially if he or she has it as an adult. Science says acne is prevalent during puberty, but there are people who still struggle with acne even after they’re way past that stage. You’ll be surprised to know that acne has different stories to tell based on where they’ve grown on your body. It can say a lot about your diet, lifestyle, and any underlying health condition. Check out what your acne says about you based on their location.


Forehead: Having pimples on your forehead most likely means that you don’t drink enough water. Toxins that don’t get flushed out of our body manifests themselves on our foreheads.


T-zone: Our noses have great links to our livers. If you have potential live dysfunction, you’re also more likely to get acne in the area of your T-zone. And yes, stay away from alcohol.