It Looks Like Amber Rose And 21 Savage Have Broken Up (We Know Who She’s Getting Back Together With)

Twitter: actually_q / revolttv

Don’t believe the backtracking Amber Rose is currently trying to get slick right now, she and her dutiful boyfriend 21 Savage are as close to done as it gets.

IG: 21savage

As of late yesterday, the 25-year-old Savage (a.k.a. Shayaa Bin Abraham-Joseph) and the 34-year-old Amber have mysteriously deleted each other from their Instagram accounts.

IG: amberrose (Age 14)

They both also deleted every photo of each other off their IG accounts, too. So let’s recap, they both unfollowed each other and they both deleted all of each other’s old photos off their feeds. So why is Amber trying to say, “Oops, it was a mistake.” Nah, we ain’t buying it.