Louisiana Police Chief Shares A Racist “Negro Boy” Meme On Facebook And Gets The Clapback He Deserved


Not sure which is more disgusting about this story… the racist message or the promotion of violence against female children. Did you hear about the assistant police chief from Louisiana who added himself to the list of people we trust in society to defend all of us while they are really only interested in the light-colored variety?

Eagle 981

So, right off the bat, anyone who chooses something like this as their profile pick can only see so far past initial, knee-jerk, poorly examined thoughts. At least we really know what he thinks now… he posted a disgustingly racist and violent meme to Facebook which has everyone in an uproar…


What’s even more upsetting about this guy is he is a father. As you can see from the bare image of the meme, here is a mother smiling as she drowns her little girl in the bathtub. Click ahead to find out why she’s so happy to kill her own child…