A “Love And Hip Hop Miami” Star Was Just Arrested For “Choking Out” His Side Chick When She Tried To Put Him On Blast!

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Say goodbye to your reputation and public image, “Mr. Confirmed Extra for Next Season of Love and Hip Hop Miami.”  This fool DJ E Feezy just exposed himself as a chronic woman beater and side-chick STRANGLER.


Just at the cusp of increased fame and wealth DJ E Feezy has been arrested for felony strangulation.  Turns out one of his side-boo’s dumped his a$$ publicly on Instagram and he snapped.

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This ain’t the first time either:  Feezy already had a RESTRAINING ORDER against him from a similar incident back in October. That poor girl tried to come clean with Feezy’s now ex-fiance and and proceeded to physically attack her HAVING ALREADY HAD DOMESTIC ABUSE CHARGES ON IS RECORD.


Aisha Thalia – his now ex-fiancee – already has one kid with Feezy and apparently this affair with his latest side-chick, Kylie Williams, has been going on for FIVE YEARS.  Can you imagine how betrayed this Momma must feel?  Click through for pics of his supermodel ex-fiancee.