A “Love And Hip Hop Miami” Star Was Just Arrested For “Choking Out” His Side Chick When She Tried To Put Him On Blast!


Das right, u know she all about dat #grannysmithlife.  This woman-beating Feezy bum is more crooked than that right big toe, AMIRITE?

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Aisha found out about the long-term cheating through Kylie’s Instagram post and luckily had the sense to kick this sleazy E Feezy to the curb.  Don’t you hope that right big toe of hers left a mark on his rear end that he won’t forget the next time he thinks about hitting a female?


Hopefully, Feezy learns from the consequences to his actions in prison or else he gon wind up some giant, bulky felon’s side-chick – U KNO WHAT I MEAN?!??  Here’s a picture of Kylie – the one he nearly choked to death:


Luckily the cops arrived not long after Feezy threatened to kill this side-chick for speaking out.  Do you think this man is fit to be a dad to his INFANT child?  Click through for pics of the very pregnant supermodel he cheated on.