Mama June Just Dropped The Last Of Her 300 Lbs. Weight Loss And Is Posing In Some Really Skimpy Lingerie Photos (Hot Pics)

People / YouTube

When you drop 300 lb. it’s time to celebrate! And Mama June has hit the big 3-0-0 with a lingerie shoot to celebrate!


The Mama June: Not to Hot star is gearing up for her second season and decided to show off her slimmed-down physique recently. She was donning the lingerie for the next season’s trailer.

Daily Mail

In the next season, Mama June has her mind up to be a pageant queen and is recruiting her daughter “Honey Boo Boo” Alana to coach her to success. A Pageant Queen? Okay!

Daily Mail

Alana was a former Toddlers and Tiaras star so she knows a few things about the pageant process. It sounds like Alana was having fun with the project : “You thought Coach Mama June was rough? Wait til you meet Coach Alana.”