If Your Man Does These 8 Things With You He Loves You A Lot

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He loves me, he loves me not…it takes more than flower petal picking to know whether your man really digs you or not. But rest assured if your man is really head over heels, there 8 things that you can pretty much bet on him doing consistently.

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He Listens Carefully

They say attention and showing up in the moment is the highest form of respect you can pay towards someone. So it makes sense that if your man really loves you he will be attending to what you’re saying and seeking to understand what you are trying to get across in conversation.


If your man regularly asks you about your life, your opinions and thoughts you can pretty much rest assured that he highly values your input and influence in his life. That’s a keeper, girl!

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He Fights With You

You are human beings. There will be times where you will disagree as a couple. What it comes down to is when your man cares enough to not shut down but to actively work through the frustration to find a resolution than you know he is in it for real.