Mariah Carey Has Lost A Ton of Weight And Is Still Out Thotting Like It’s The ’90s In A See-Through Dress (But She Looked Fine AF Though!)

There was a lot of not-so-constructive criticism of the size of Mariah Carey earlier this year – and people weren’t talking about her ego. Well, maybe the BIV choir, but, that’s another article…

Motherhood In Style Magazine

Earlier this year, people were surprised to see Carey struggling to carry on with her show in Vegas. She had visibly expanded in size and several sources reported the singer looked winded at fatigued at moments.


No one complained about her vocals – she’s still practically unmatched as a singer. She gave the cameras an eye-full recently while out on the town with her boyfriend, Byran Tanaka. Click on through to see how she’s looking these days!

Daily Mail

The Daily Mail reports the couple went out for sushi the other night and Carey looked as though she knew she would be seen and looked over. She gave everyone plenty to see and delighted her young suitor…