Radar Online Is Reporting That Mariah Carey And Her Sister Were Members Of A Satanic Cult That Practiced Animal Sacrifice, Hooded Cloaks, Chanting, And Random Sex! (We’re Calling BS)

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Yes, you heard that right…members of a satanic cult! Can we smell fake news for the win??

But heck, let’s just go on with it for the heehaw of it all. So where did this lovely little story originate? Radar Online claims that they learned exclusively of Mariah’s secret satanic society.

The article says that Mariah’s mother, Patricia, is the ringleader of it all with her sister Alison joining the ranks of black-cloaked hooded cult members. Radar Online claims a family source spoke on the matter, “At a very young age, both Mariah and her sister, Alison, were involved in the ceremonies and participated in them.”

Alison apparently spilled the beans during a bombshell interview about the cult. She spoke of being taken to a castle in Long Island, New York when she was very young.  “It was there that the satanic rituals, led by my mother, took place.” It just sounds like another Hogwarts to us! Who wants to see a Harry Potter parody starring Mariah and her family now???? US! US!