Mariah Carey’s Sister Allison Confirms Their Brother’s Story On Occult Gatherings — The Siblings Were Forced Into Satanic Rituals (Details)

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Allison Carey, Mariah’s sister, recently exposed how a close family member used to take her and their brother to bizarre, satanic occult gatherings in the early hours of the morning where she was abused by cloaked worshippers. Alison’s claims line up with her brother’s, and she thinks Mariah was also part of the regular occult rituals.

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Allison, 48, said that the “close family member” who led the cult threatened to hurt Mariah if Alison ever said anything to anyone about what was going on in regards to the rituals. “It sounds hard to believe and I have so many memories I wish I never had,” she said.

“A close family member used to wake me up just before 2am and take me to an old hall that looked like a castle, which was a short walk from the church we used to attend in Huntington, New York,” Allison said. “The place is still there I could show you exactly where it is.”