Mayweather Ends Friendship With Justin Bieber Days Before His Fight With McGregor (Floyd’s Furious!)


It’s bound to happen at some point in every person’s life – an event or a new love walks in which inspires a person to take stock of life. Am I happy? Are my relationships healthy? Am I living my life the way I really want to live it? 


Justin Bieber took stock of his friendships recently under the guidance of his Hillsong church pastor, Carl Lentz. You may be familiar with the scenario – he probably asked him something like, Are there obstacles in your path to deepening your relationship with Christ? 

Las Vegas Soul

The most recent reaction to this question was “Unfollowing” his good pal Floyd Mayweather on Instagram. Guess in this day and age, if you screw around with your following on social media, it’s totally real and you’ve declared war. Click Next to hear how Mayweather took the “unfollowing…”