Meet The 4 Female Prison Guards Who Were Impregnated By Black Guerrilla Family inmate Tavon White

The Baltimore Sun Darkroom

Not immune to baby mama drama, Brooks spoke out on her affair with White after getting into altercations with Linder and another other Tavon’s baby mamas Katera Stevenson. Things got so heated between Brooks and Stevenson, that the former filed assault charges on the latter.

CBS News

26-year-old Katera Stevenson began working at the Baltimore jail in 2008. She claims to have fallen in love with White, quickly getting used to the money and cars. She would often sneak contraband into the prison and got pregnant by Tavon White in 2015.

The New Yorker

Stevenson was caught when she made the mistake of leaving some of said contraband out in the snow. She plead guilty to racketeering.

New Haven Register

Jennifer Owens is 32-year-old Baltimore native who gave birth to two of White’s children. Owens claims to have been head over heels in love with Tavon White, going to far as to get his name tattooed on her neck. She also plead guilty to racketeering.

The Baltimore Sun Darkroom

It looks like Tavon White’s days of impregnating prison guards and leading prison crime rings are done. Now that he’s a ‘snitch,’ none of his criminal brethren will touch him with a ten foot pole. He was sentenced to serve 12 of a possible 20 year sentence.