Meet Jjo Vely, The 28-Year-Old Korean Teacher With The Triple-H Breasts, And “Western Eyes” Who Can Bench 225 Lbs

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In 2014 alone, the number of plastic surgery procedures performed in Korea totaled approximately 980,000 cases. One of the most common surgeries includes altering the typical, smaller-looking monoloid eye to a wider, bigger, and more Western round eye.

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While facial alterations are most common including the permanently contouring of the eyes, nose, and chin, the general figure of a typical Korean woman is already slender and long. Of course, some Korean women still want little waists, round hips, and large breasts.

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So keep this all in mind when you get a load of this Korean teacher. Her name is Jjo Vely. She’s a 28-year-old grade school teacher and it looks like she got the works done. Do you think the woman has taken the American ideal just a tad too far?