Meet Lil Wayne’s 15-Year-Old Son He’s Never Heard About Until Now! (And Alleged Baby Mama Has Full Receipts from 2002!)

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One would have to wonder what took Watson so long to come forward, especially if she’s known that Wayne was the father the whole time. Two years ago she finally came forward.


Keiotia Watson filed the necessary paperwork to both prove Wayne’s paternity and get child support from the famous rapper. She went through the Louisiana court system-which plays no games when it comes to child support.

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The judge ruled in Watson’s favor. They ordered Lil Wayne to fork over $5000 a month in back child support for his 15-year-old son.

Sources close to the rapper say that the only reason that Wayne hasn’t paid is simply because he never received any paperwork, nor was he ever informed that he was Dwayne’s legal father. He wants concrete proof.