Meet Sean Kingston’s New GF — She Has A Big Butt and A Beautiful Smile! She’s Also A Tech Nerd! (Bikini Pics Inside)

Vibe / Huffington Post

Rapper Sean Kingston didn’t waste his time getting a stripper pregnant or dating someone who was after him for his fame and money. He met a girl who can keep up and her a life of her own to offer to this relationship.


For what sort of a girl would you think Kingston would willing sign over his heart? Would you assume beauty no matter what, or, maybe brains? A fortune of her own?


The rapper’s new girl is a total package. She’s gorgeous, smart, and dedicated! Click on through to see the beauty Kingston found and made his #1 girl!


Yes, she models, but, she’s had an interesting past – do you know Miss Angela Coates? Do you know she was once described as the “female Jeremy Meeks?”