Middle School Bullies Record Themselves Ripping The Wig Off An 8th Grade Girl With A Bad Scalp Condition Over A $5 Bet (Pics And Video)

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Lauren ‘Lulu’ Williams is proof of a warrior spirit. Last friday, the 16 year old was terrorized by a group of bullies at Franklin High School in Tennessee.

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Lauren has worn a wig to school in the past due to a serious scalp condition. The  8th grader has suffered from both eczema and psoriasis which effect both her scalp and hair growth.

And it will never be. #antibullying

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Knowing that Lauren wore a wig, the group of bullies decided to video the whole planned escaped of “weave-snatching”. The incident went down on friday while Lauren was standing in the school’s hallway talking to a girlfriend. A male student ran up to Lauren and ripped the wig off her head.

Some of the bullies decided to post the video on Snapchat titling it “weave-snatching”. Somehow it seems like this group of students needs some attention back at home for them to be acting out in such a horrible way!