Migos Get Into Chaotic Brawl At A Las Vegas Hotel While Cardi B Is Rushed To Safety Amid Chaos (Video)

Sources associated with the Encore say the melee started when Quavo and his crew pulled up to the hotel’s driveway in front of the hotel’s main front entrance. When Quavo was asked by a hotel employee to move his car, words were allegedly exchanged between the two parties.

Then all of a sudden, someone in the Migos entourage hit the valet. An investigation is under way, but so far it’s unclear who hit the valet. It might have been Quavo who hit the man, one of the other Migos, or someone in their crew, but it’s believed that other employees from the hotel jumped in to break up the action.

Eventually, Encore security called in the Las Vegas Police Department for backup after arresting suspect from the Migos crew. Naturally, the fight prompted Encore management to kick the entire Migos crew out of their hotel — including Cardi B made a surprise guest appearence with her fiancé Offset’s group at Drai’s earlier in the evening — that’s her at Drai’s inthe photo above.