A Minnesota Man’s Hanging Has Been Ruled A Suicide, Amid Social Media Claims Of A Lynching Of A Black Man


A Minnesota man was found hanging in a local park earlier this week. Originally, his death was thought to be a hate crime; a lynching, but as more details have been released, the man’s death was ruled a suicide.

City Pages

The whole social media scandal started when a passerby stumbled across the scene. The man, who was black, and mistook the hanging man for a black man, and made a post with the intentions of having it go viral.


The man, Davion Gatlin, was attempting to bring to light what he thought was the cover-up of a hate crime by the Minneapolis Police Department. This is not an outlandish conclusion to jump to, considering the rampant murdering of unarmed black people by Police Departments all over the country, with little to no consequences. Ever.