Missouri Cop Laughs In Black College Girls’ Faces As They’re Racially Profiled At Applebee’s (Video Receipts)

Facebook: Alexis Brison

What makes for a reasonable cause to call the police when you’re in a public place? To some former Applebees employees in Independence, MO, vaguely resembling people who may have skipped out on paying for dinner the night before is cause to call the cops.


Alexis Brison and her friend were shopping together at the Independence Center and stopped off at the Applebees for a bite. While the two college girls were trying to enjoy an average Sunday evening out, the store manager, a mall security guard, and a police officer came to the table.


This is not a time in our social history to take something like this lightly. In an age when young black teenagers are shot in the street, unarmed, you can just imagine how terrified these young women must have been to see law enforcement approach their table.

3 Applebee's Employees Fired Racially Profiling Black Customers. Full Video: https:// wokevideo.com Applebee's said it's temporarily closed the location for the team to "regroup, reflect, learn and grow." In a Facebook post, Alexis Brison said she and her friend went to the restaurant at Independence Center Mall after shopping. During the meal, an Independence police officer and a restaurant manager approached their table. She wrote in the post, “We were told that we were accused of eating and not paying for CHICKEN the day before (dining and dashing).” #applebees #whitesupremacy #racism #blacklivesmatter #racialintimidation #racialprofiling #blackconsciousness #blackamerica #independencecentermall

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Alexis Brison took some video on her cell phone of the incident and set social media on fire with her story. Click Next to learn more about what happened this weekend.