Mobb Deep’s Late Rapper Prodigy’s Official Cause Of Death Revealed — His Illness Had NOTHING To Do With It!


As you may recall, Mobb Deep lost Prodigy this summer and most people assumed it had something to do with the illness he had battled since childhood. If that assumption was comforting, it’s sadly false. We’ll let you know how he really died…


Prodigy was diagnosed with sickle cell anemia as a child and it caught up with him this summer, this much is true. If you’re not sure what sickle cell anemia is, here’s a really quick explanation:


When a person has sickle cell anemia, this means he does not have enough red blood cells to carry an adequate amount of oxygen throughout the body. Healthy red blood cells are flexible and round; someone with sickle cell anemia has red blood cells which are rigid, sticky, and sort of collapsed into crescent moon. Click through to learn how Prodigy was impacted by his illness.