Nas Blasts Kelis For Violating Custody, Barely Letting Him See Their Son Because Of His Relationship With Nicki Minaj

It seems Nas has had the last straw with his ex Kelis. He is taking her to court over custody of their 8 year-old-son, Knight.

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Nas is taking it to court after having “tried to work cooperatively with Kelis over the years”. Nas told Blast recently that Kelis has been spotty with visitation rights only allowing him to spend time with Knight  “when she deems it convenient for her.”


Kelis has gone months on end refusing Nas any time with Knight only to randomly choose a time for Nas to see their son. We understand why Nas would be a bit upset about it.

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In order to put an end to the spottiness and manipulation of it all, Nas has proposed a custody schedule to the court to be reviewed. According to the schedule, Nas would have Knight on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th weekend of every month.