Nas’ Ex Kelis Just Turned 40-Years-Old! From The Looks Of These Pics Is Her Milkshake Still Fresh Or Is It Expired? (Exclusive Photos)


There are several different ways of looking at R&B singer Kelis and they include the base, easy method of comparison alongside the stunned and awed perspective of a woman who does what she wants when she wants. How will you look at the passing of time in this unique female’s life?

Stash Everything

It’s not possible to be young forever and WHY should we even try? We’re going to fail. Time will catch up with us and show us the error of our ways.


It’s high time we found some value in the process of change. Kelis is just one personality who could lead the way towards loving ourselves through the whole process of our brief time here on earth. Click on through to learn more.


Kelis married Nas in 2005, but, she filed for divorce in 2009. At the time, she was seven months pregnant and claiming “irreconcilable differences.” Considering how much she does, do you think he couldn’t keep up?