Nas’ Ex Kelis Just Turned 40-Years-Old! From The Looks Of These Pics Is Her Milkshake Still Fresh Or Is It Expired? (Exclusive Photos)

NY Daily News

So, here you have a single mom who has built a musical career and decided not to stop there. Kelis has too many dreams, too many interests to slow down for any reason.


It’s a little too easy to look at photos of how she looked when she was younger and pull that apart when looking at her now. Click on through to decide for yourself if you want to evaluate her looks or her many talents.


Her debut album titled “Kaleidoscope” dropped in 1998 and fizzled out quickly. She wasn’t ready to throw in the towel – she had more tricks up her sleeve.


She climbed the charts with measurable success in the UK and released her second album, “Wanderland” in 2001 outside of the US. Virgin records didn’t believe in her when her first album was not received so well, but, her work spreading in the UK like wildfire changed their tune.